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When you have to download a heavy file from internet it can take a long period of time. A small file can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, we need to download a large file which can take a longer time. In order to know the estimated time for a file we have create this calculator. This calculator is used to estimate download time for a file. Download time depends upon mostly two factors. First, the internet speed of your connection. Secondly your file size. Download calculator will help you to estimate download time for your file.

In order to know how long will the download take, you need to enter the size of your file. File size can be in KB/ MB/ GB. You will see estimated download time for your file on multiple connections. If you want to calculate download time for your own internet connection add your own internet speed value in Kbit/s, Mbit/s, or Gbit/s. To know your internet speed, you can use speedtest

File size

Information about technical terms.

NOTE: Read our information on how download transfer works to get better overview.

Technical Terms

Dial-Up : A form of internet connection which use telephone for internet connection
ADSL : A modem which refers to Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
LAN : Your normal ethernet cable connection called Local Area Network
WIFI : It stands for wireless fidelity
Turbo 3G : Third generation cellular network for internet connection
Mega 4G : Improved form of 3G called Fourth Generation LTE technology
Broadband : Connection speed starts from 256 Kbit/s
Satellite : Satellite connection speeds are around 512K to 2.0 Mbps

NOTE: The download time calculator is used for estimating download time for a file. It is just an estimation. It is based on your own internet speed. In order to know exact speed of your internet connection go to speed test . After knowing the exact download speed, you can manually enter it and get estimated time for download. Also, do note that other factors also come into consideration.

Working flow of download calculator

The calculation of the download calculator for an Mp3, a film, or other amounts of data from the Internet is relatively easy if you know the formula. The answer for how long to download is you have to divide the file size by the internet speed (downstream). The difficulty is to count everything down to hours, minutes, and seconds. But our download calculator does the best download time estimation.

However, the following must be taken into account or we recommend. The same principle is followed by this download calculator.

1. Convert internet speed to bit / s. Each time you convert from "Mega" to "Kilo", multiply the number by 1024 (not 1000!). For example, if you have 10 Mbit / s, calculate as follows: 10 x 1,024 x 1,024 and get 10,485,760 bit / s .

2. Convert the downloadable amount to bits. 1 byte corresponds to 8 bits. With 100 MByte you get 100 x 1024 x 1024 x 8 = 838.860.800 bit .

3. In the last step, you divide the file size by internet speed. 838.860.800 bit / 10.485.760 bit / s and you get 80 seconds. 80 seconds corresponds to 1 minute and /20 seconds - try it out in our download time tool. It is base on the same principles.

Factors such as distance from the switch, internal cabling, network devices and their settings, the site you are accessing, other users on your network or even a high number of users in your area (known as contention), who compete for bandwidth , may decrease the download speed you receive. To learn more about our calculator click here

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